No Time to Cook? I’m Calling Your Bluff!

People see me eating REAL FOOD for breakfast every day at work and ask me over and over again, “how do you have time to cook that?” Seriously. Clearly I don’t have more hours in the day than they do. Well, all kidding aside, I don’t have kids or a family so maybe that helps a bit. But realistically, I’m a busy woman. I work full-time, go to school, exercise, read, study, do homework… blog! My days are typically packed with things to do. That includes cooking food. It’s not something I put at the bottom of my list.

For me, it’s as simple as that. I know I’ll need to eat EVERY DAY. SEVERAL TIMES.  And I like to eat real food. So, for me, cooking has to be a priority.

In the morning, if I’m running late and only have 15 minutes to finish getting myself ready and out the door for work, I choose to pull my hair into a bun and make breakfast. This happens most days of the week. Yes, I opt for a good breakfast over a good hair day. It’s my priority that I start my day off right with a proper meal.

For those of you who say you want to eat better but say you don’t have the time, well, I call your bluff!

Here are 5 reasons why YOU DO have time to cook:

  1. You can have a bad hair day but a good food day. (Yes, I’m stealing this from my note above.) Ladies, really, how long does your hair take to style in the morning before work? Maybe you can wear a ponytail one day, or find a style that works and takes less time. Just consider it.
  2. Did you see (insert wildly popular TV show name here) last night?! You did? Well, maybe instead of watching that show, you could have cooked something for dinner and had leftovers to take for lunch tomorrow, or even to eat for breakfast. Yes, you can eat meat and vegetables for breakfast. I promise.
  3. Wow, that YouTube video of (insert wildly popular and hysterical video name here) led to 30 more minutes of mindless web surfing! I bet you know what you could have been doing in that time.
  4. Thursday evening rolls around and your coworkers are going to happy hour. Yes, being social is important. But every week? Maybe this week it’s a good time to skip happy hour and head home to cook a nice dinner that will freeze well to enjoy another night next week. What a novel idea.
  5. Have you called your mother lately? Or father, sister, brother…you get the idea. Maybe you call your parents or friends to chat in the evening or on the weekend. Make more use of that hands free set that you had to dole out cash for because you can’t talk while holding it in the car. Yes! You can use your hands free around the house while doing chores, including cooking. Pop your phone in your pocket or clip it to your waist and get cooking! Hey, maybe you can even ask mom for some cooking advice while you’re at it. Or maybe not. Depends on your mom.

What are you doing when you could be spending some time preparing healthy food to eat?

If you’d like more ideas about how to make eating real food easier or to find out more about holistic lifestyle coaching services (in-person in the Bay Area or remotely via phone, email or Skype), contact me today.

Enjoy & be well!
Diane Sanfilippo
Owner, Balanced Bites Holistic Nutrition & Wellness
C.H.E.K. Holistic Lifestyle Coach
Holistic Nutrition Educator student @ Bauman College, Berkeley, CA

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A Certified Nutrition Consultant specializing in using old food (paleo/primal/grain-free) to help people find health and healing in a modern world.
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5 Responses to No Time to Cook? I’m Calling Your Bluff!

  1. Good post, love the info-However, I couldn't help but laugh at #5, definitely not a guy problem! (sorry mom)Mike-

  2. Madame says:

    this brought me back to hearing, "healthy people have no more time than the non-healthy" … from my trainer – as I was complaining about my uber busy life … lol. It's reality, however.

  3. Diane says:

    @Madame- SO true!

  4. Lisa Sargese says:

    I think the media has conditioned us to think that anything that takes longer than 2 minutes in a microwave is somehow a chore or drudgery or just too much work. I have a "cooking day" to prepare lots of food all at once. The food lasts me through the work week.

  5. Diane says:

    @Lisa- That's a great idea, a cooking day! I agree though that people are totally conditioned to think that cooking should always be fast and super easy. It's okay for it to be made easy with quick, simple recipes, but the reality is that fast-food is fast-food whether you eat it at home or from the drive-through. You know?

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