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Easy Recipe: Gluten Free Flax Granola

Who doesn’t love granola? Oh man, it can be addictive even, can’t it? As much as I love it, I haven’t eaten granola in a pretty long time. I’ve made lots of different versions of granola recipes, and I’ll probably … Continue reading

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5 Things to Love About Coconut Oil

I really, really, really love coconut oil. Organic, virgin, unrefined coconut oil. I buy coconut oil all the time. This week, I was lucky enough to receive a sample of Tropical Traditions brand Gold Label Standard Virgin Coconut Oil. I … Continue reading

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My Top 10 Tips for Picking Healthy Foods to Eat

Here are my 10 tips for picking healthy foods to eat. I am inspired by Michael Pollan’s new book “Food Rules” which covers all of these and more in his words. Below are my rules, in my words Fresh is … Continue reading

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