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Bites I Love: Go Raw Live Pumpkin Bar

Here’s a raw food bar I found that I love: Go Raw Live Pumpkin Bar. You can see the ingredients right there on the FRONT of the package. I love that. I also love being able to see the bar … Continue reading

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Guess the Non-Food #4: Play the Game!

Play the game!Below is a list of ingredients from a fairly commonly consumed “Non-Food.” (Meaning it’s eaten by many people, but I don’t consider it food.) I’d love to see your guesses in Comment posts, but if you want to … Continue reading

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Going Gluten Free: Cukoo for Couscous? Try Quinoa Instead!

Quinoa. It’s pronounced keen-wa. Not kin-oh-ah. Keen-wa. It’s kind of fun to say, isn’t it? Well, it’s easy to make and fantastic to eat. It’s versatile, hearty and tasty. And guess what? It’s gluten free! Unlike it’s aesthetic fraternal twin, … Continue reading

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